Monday, February 28, 2011

Want a second opinion...

As training was progessing my old friend <not> the sciatic nerve started chatting with me.  So off I go to the ortho that I visited back in 2007 to ask what can be done and why the nerve is acting up again.

Here is the part I did not want to hear, "your piriformis muscle is pinching the sciatic nerve and you cannot run anymore".  That was about the extent of the conversation he said that he has tried surgery and there is no fixing this.  I am hard headed and want to speak with someone who will consult with me rather than emphatically state, some people are not meant to run and you are one of them.

I am very upset needless to say.  I start physical therapy next Tuesday and am in a state of indecision and confusion.  After the visit with the ortho I went to an urgent clinic to ask for some anti-inflamatory meds.  So far they are helping a bit.  I am also stretching the piriformis as much as I can to address the pain.

I did not run tonight, I am on the fence about tomorrow.  Decisions, decisions, sigh.

I am grateful,

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