Sunday, March 20, 2011

It is Spring in TX

All the trees are blooming and North Texas is turning green.  The weather is beautiful.  I would love for time to stand still and the beautiful spring weather stay for a while. 

Tuesday and Saturday team run's are going great!  Now that the weather is warmer more folks are coming out and participating.  I on the other hand do not care for the warmer weather and am concerned about my ability to tolerate it when the temperatures start rising.  Saturday morning was good but I had a mild headache after the run.  We will see.  Pushing forward and taking each challenge as it is presented to me.  Stopping is not an option.

The physical therapy is awesome and I am really feeling a difference in my runs due to the strengthening of the core muscles and stretching, stretching, stretching.  My hope is that after the race in June I can try going off the Lyrica and see if I still experience the nerve pain.  The PT has experienced this same issue and has for the most part controlled it and relieved the pressure by focussed exercise and stretching.  I am hopeful.

Next Saturday is the Pot Of Gold drawing if you haven't donated please consider doing so before next Friday!  We have around $550 dollars in gift cards calling someone's name!

Til next post.
I am grateful,

Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Week has flown by

On Tuesday I went to see Dr. Sethi at MetroCrest Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine.  After a thorough examination with a scheduled follow up, she sent me packing with a scrip for Lyrica (the drug used to treat fibromialgia).  There was an immediate change in my sciatic nerve pain.  For the most part it went away! 

So I had a wonderful week of training this week.  Tracy and I did 3 miles on Thursday night and then on Saturday morning (drumroll please) I for the first time jog/walked 5 miles.  My time was pretty good for a beginner, 15.5 minute miles.

On the drive home I called Tracy and celebrated the accomplishment.  I was so proud and happy with myself.  Friday night I will admit to feeling mild anxiety about completing 5 miles.  I had been struggling with training and worried about not being able to push myself to move faster because my leg would go numb after about 10 minutes.  Now, I feel like I can push to improve weekly and keep up with the training schedule.

So that is the weekly recap... Saturday night once I settled down and joined a dear friend for her birthday celebration at Pete's Dueling Piano Bar I COULD NOT MOVE without groaning, lol.  Now I know what normal running aches feel like. 

All is well and I am grateful,

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A beautiful night for a walk

I have a new appointment tomorrow with a new sports medicine group.  Thank you, June, for the referal.  I am anxious to hear a second opinion and I am hopeful.

I went to team training tonight with every intent of running; however, thanks to the coach I walked which means I saved myself some agony tonight.  It was such a beautiful night, light breeze, 57 degrees.  I love this time of year in Texas.

Sleep well everyone, I am looking forward to a new day with a different outcome tomorrow.

I am grateful,