Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday night. Oh, how I love thee...

I finally left the house.  Ice and snow, I am over you and I need to get out and be among friends.  Off to dinner Tracy and I go.  We were all so glad to see eachother, well at least the ladies were, lol.  We were not the only Frisco households with cabin fever.  By 6 p.m. Cantina Laredo was lively and every table full.  Going out was just what the doctor ordered. 

The training calendar says rest, tonight.  The first team training tomorrow has been cancelled so I plan on getting up and spending some quality time with my treadmill.  I plan on going 3 miles as I believe that is what were were going to do tomorrow.

Tonight when we returned the dogs were so excited to be able to go outside again and play in the snow.  Roxi especially likes the snow and runs and plays by herself.  Suga tends to be more of a princess and does not like to get her feet wet. 

Well good night everyone.  I hope everyone is safe and warm.  Please visit my site if you have not contributed and would like to.  No amount is too small.

I am grateful,

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