Friday, June 29, 2012

Dear Texas,

Why are you so darn hot already?

I let that keep me from riding my bike for a week.  We ventured out last night at 8 p.m. for a 5.7 mile ride and it was bearable. 

Heat and I are not friends.  For as far back as I an remember if I overheat I am rewarded with a migraine.  So far while riding my bike I have only had one headache that I can attribute to over heating.  One can hope that a tolerance can be built to the heat.  I have also been looking at cooling vests.  That may be a viable option. 

I have been trying to retrain my personal habits lately.  The first item I am working on is planning, cooking and cleaning up for dinner every night.  I have done so for one week now.  Yeah me.  There are also things that YOU KNOW if you just did them daily they would be so much easier but my brain always clings to procratination.  Why, why, why.  :)

I purchased a book on how to cure this.  I will let you know the lessons I learn as I go.  First I have to plug my nook in because the battery is dead... Point made.

I am grateful,

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hey, it is Thursday!

Staying busy makes the week fly by.  The below chart is a high level estimation of where my time is spent.  I may need to ponder if the 13% of my day spent watching tv and playing on my computer makes me happy.  If TV and putzing around on computer does, no change required.   May have to watch another 100 hours of tv to make that decision...

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I take my health for granted, sometimes.  The last few months have been quite a trip.  I am still in discovery mode with several tests performed and now enlisting another practice to review the results for a second opinion.  Hmm wait, for it to be a second opinion I need the first physician to provide his.  Still waiting on his diagnosis. 

So while I fell off the map from February through June I had to take some time off to adjust my attitude.  No one wants to listen to anothers problems.  I have went through several emotions.  Fear, denial, acceptance (even though I have not received a diagnosis to date) and lastly, "Whatever is wrong, you do not define me, bring it."

Thank you to my husband and all the friends who have been kind enough to put up with me.  :)  I was pretty miserable for a few months and was feeling quite sorry for myself. 

So in the spirit of remaining active and taking care of ourselves Tracy and I purchased bicycles the end of May.  I cannot run anymore so the next two options are cycling or swimming.  I still have not totally ruled out swimming; however, cycling is where my focus is for now.  We try to ride 4-6 times a week.  It is so much fun.  I am even handling the heat fairly well.

Riding a bike is so much easier on the body than running!

I am Grateful.