Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tuesday nights are for...

Jogging.  Last night I dropped back to 3 miles as I missed Monday night.  Tonight I will tackle the 5 mile jog.

You may have noticed I changed my terminology to jogging rather than running.  I think jogging more accurately describes my progress at this time.  I had to slow it down a bit so I could run for longer periods of time at once.  It makes for a much nicer story in the mind to feel like your stamina is steadily improving.

Fund raising is going well. I have an event on April 11th that should help get me one mid size step closer to the goal.  Many thanks to all of you have contributed!  I really appreciate the support!  If everyone on FB that is listed as a friend would donate $1.00 I would make my goal.  So what do you think, can you spare $1.00 to help find a cure for blood cancer and provide much needed care for those that need help?

I hope everyone is having a great day!  Looking forward to trying a new 5 mile run route tonight.  I hope TX weather holds on and there is no rain!

I am grateful,

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