Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Week has flown by

On Tuesday I went to see Dr. Sethi at MetroCrest Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine.  After a thorough examination with a scheduled follow up, she sent me packing with a scrip for Lyrica (the drug used to treat fibromialgia).  There was an immediate change in my sciatic nerve pain.  For the most part it went away! 

So I had a wonderful week of training this week.  Tracy and I did 3 miles on Thursday night and then on Saturday morning (drumroll please) I for the first time jog/walked 5 miles.  My time was pretty good for a beginner, 15.5 minute miles.

On the drive home I called Tracy and celebrated the accomplishment.  I was so proud and happy with myself.  Friday night I will admit to feeling mild anxiety about completing 5 miles.  I had been struggling with training and worried about not being able to push myself to move faster because my leg would go numb after about 10 minutes.  Now, I feel like I can push to improve weekly and keep up with the training schedule.

So that is the weekly recap... Saturday night once I settled down and joined a dear friend for her birthday celebration at Pete's Dueling Piano Bar I COULD NOT MOVE without groaning, lol.  Now I know what normal running aches feel like. 

All is well and I am grateful,

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