Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I take my health for granted, sometimes.  The last few months have been quite a trip.  I am still in discovery mode with several tests performed and now enlisting another practice to review the results for a second opinion.  Hmm wait, for it to be a second opinion I need the first physician to provide his.  Still waiting on his diagnosis. 

So while I fell off the map from February through June I had to take some time off to adjust my attitude.  No one wants to listen to anothers problems.  I have went through several emotions.  Fear, denial, acceptance (even though I have not received a diagnosis to date) and lastly, "Whatever is wrong, you do not define me, bring it."

Thank you to my husband and all the friends who have been kind enough to put up with me.  :)  I was pretty miserable for a few months and was feeling quite sorry for myself. 

So in the spirit of remaining active and taking care of ourselves Tracy and I purchased bicycles the end of May.  I cannot run anymore so the next two options are cycling or swimming.  I still have not totally ruled out swimming; however, cycling is where my focus is for now.  We try to ride 4-6 times a week.  It is so much fun.  I am even handling the heat fairly well.

Riding a bike is so much easier on the body than running!

I am Grateful.

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  1. We will get through this (whatever it is) together. It may not be pretty, and it may not be graceful, but we will survive!