Monday, February 13, 2012

Saturday was cold.... and the weekend was good

Saturday we got up at 4:30 a.m. showered, dressed in about 5 layers to head downtown to Fair Park for the Hot Chocolate 5k. 

We were going to take the train; however, at the last minute we decided to drive.  This worked out well as we were there early enough to obtain prime parking.

The temperature was around 27 degress at race start.  My friend who was running the 15k downgraded to the 5 k.  The race officials were recommending that anyone over a 12 minute mile should run the 5k.

Fun was had by all.  I confirmed that my sciatica us still around.  I ended up walking the 5k which is all well and good.  3.1 miles walking is still moving and good for me.  The chocolate at the end of the race was fabulous.  They served melted chocolate with marshmallow, rice krispie treat, banana, apple, and pretzels.  Delish!

Saturday night Tracy and I enjoyed dinner with friends and Sunday was the normal routine: laundry, dishes, and dinner.

I am grateful.

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